101- Best love quotes of all time.

The best way to express your love.

Sometimes it’s difficult for you to find the right words, but these will help you find the perfect words for that special person in your life.

Love is a feeling, which can be feel only. The most lucky person of the world, who has a perfect life partner. No one is perfect in this world but whom you love is always feel you perfect. That imperfect person has a different value in your life, that’s make them perfect.

There are lot’s of ways in which you can express your love, but because of your busy life you can’t manage that things to work.

We came with a 101 best love quotes of all time. Now you can express your love very easily and deeply with our wise and beautiful quotes.

Let’s find your best below.

Best love quotes of all time

My love for you is like a sky, Sometimes it may be shy. But it always be high.

I don’t want someone,Who give me a gifts.Instead, want someone, who thinks about me before sleep.

Love doesn’t happen, When you both are together. It happens when you both are, missing the moment of being together.

Best love quotes of all time
Best love quotes of all time

With you,
3 hrs feel like 10 minutes.
It’s something like rocket.

Everytime from you, the message I get it. I leave everything just to check it.

Hold me when I am sad, Kiss me when I cry. Make me smile when I am down, and love me till I die.

Best love quotes of all time

I talk to hundreds of people,
in a day. But none of them can give a smile on my face.
That you gave me in just a
Few seconds.

Don’t expect to get, What you give. Because not everyone has a, Heart like you

Sometimes she makes me smile, Without traveling a bit of mile.

Best love quotes of all time
Best love quotes of all time

I fight only because,
I know you care.
I cry only because,
I know you are there.

I love everything about you,
But you never can see me,
the way I see you.

I rejected everyone,
Just for being with you.
You rejected me,
Just for being with everyone.

Best love quotes of all time

Everyone has a life goal,
Mine is only one.
A world tour,
With my love one.

I don’t know about love,
But I smile.
Everytime I see the picture of you,
in my file.

Sometimes, when I say I am fine,
I want someone to look me,
In my eye and say you are mine.

Best love quotes of all time
Best love quotes of all time

Whenever I close my eyes,
I always see you,
When I open my eyes,
I want to see you.

I have only one life,
I want to spend the whole with you.

U r such a dream,
I’m ready to sacrifice my sleep.

Best love quotes of all time

When someone see you as a try,
I wanted to put their eyes out,
And make them fry.

Please don’t doubt my love for you,
It’s the only thing, I m sure of.

I get jealous because I’m afraid of losing you, and if everyone else saw what I see in you. You’d understand.
( Via – maleen katharina )

Best love quotes of all time

“No relationship is all sunshine,
But two people can share
umbrella and survive the storms togethe

Finding someone who knows
all your weakness, mistakes and
still thinks you’re completely amazing,
is priceless.
(Via teenagecrush )

“Tell me every terrible thing you ever did,
and let me love you anyway.”

Best love quotes of all time

And may be i don’t know what
my future looks like, but i pray
to god you”ll still be in it.”
(Via uhnsaids )

“You’re the first person I want to talk to
when i wake up, and the last person
I wish to see before I fall asleep”
(Via ohteenscanrelate )

“He always dreamed of changing the world some day. What he didn’t realize is that,
he’d already changed mine.
(Via ifthenightcouldtalk )

Best love quotes of all time

Everyone wants happiness.
No one wants pain.
But you can’t have a rainbow,
without a little rain.

The day I spend with you,
is a blessing for me.

The more I look at you,
the more i fall in love with you.
The more the distance between us,
the more close we are.

Best love quotes of all time

You have no idea,
how important you are to me.
And I have no idea,
how to explain it to you.

In the world of instant relation,
and instant breakups.
I wish we would have a,
lifetime of togetherness.

All I need is just one person,
To love me.
To stand for me.
To not give up on me.
And that one person is you.

Best love quotes of all time

My love for you will never run out,
will never slow down
no matter when or who I meet.
I love you always,
You are the my only one.

What’s loved?
Someone asked.
When his smile becomes the,
reason of your happiness.
And when her voice becomes,
the key to release your stress.

I was making a list of things,
that I love.
And I don’t know why,
but the first thing,
that I wrote.
Was you name.

Best love quotes of all time

I love you,
when you share
your problems with me.
Because of this,
I fell that I still have some,
Importance in your life.

There is no one else for me,
I begin and end with you.
But I have seen the best of you,
and the worst of you, and I choose both

Just like the sun never,
stop shining even on a rainy day.
I want you to love me,
no matter what.

Best love quotes of all time

I just love staring at you,
because it makes me.
Realize that i am very lucky,
to have you in my life.

When I see you my heart beats,
a little faster, my stomach feels
a little lighter & my smiles shines
a little brighter.

I’ll never stop worrying
about you, it’s not a burden.
You’re just too important to me.
( Via distressedtragedy )

Best love quotes of all time

You’re my life now.
All my hopes and dreams.
They are alive now.
( Via nicolekiernan )

You think i don’t write about you,
everything I write is about you.
Even when it’s not, it is.
And it is even when it isn’t.
( Via nicolekiernan )

Ten out of ten times,
I’d choose you.
In every single lifetime,
I’d still choose you.

You are both to me,
my smile keeper.
And my pain killer.

I love you for all that you are,
all that you have been,
and all that you are yet to become.

Be with someone who,
loves you harder.
On the days,
You can’t love yourself at all.

Best love quotes of all time
Best love quotes of all time

Sometimes I wonder if love is,
worth fighting for.
But then I remember your face,
and I’m ready for war.

And nothing is more,
beautiful than.
Two people giving equal efforts,
to be with eachother.

She hugged me like I was the,
last thing left in her world.
I hugged her back knowing,
she is my world.

Best love quotes of all time

Be with someone,
who feels like,
something is missing,
when you don’t talk to them.

Be with someone,
who feels like,
something is missing,
when you don’t talk to them.

I asked god,
to gift me.
The best thing
ever he gifted me “YOU”.

Best love quotes of all time

With your touch and with your smile,
you can’t feel the whole.
If you hold my hand and kiss my lips,
you can cure my soul.

Stay with me even,
in my darkness.
And love like stars,
love the sky.

If I had to choose between,
loving you and breathing.
I would use my last breath,
to say I LOVE YOU.

He was the pen,
She was the highlighter.
He wrote his future,
she made it brighter.

I don’t know why,
I have fallen in love with you.
But I know for sure that,
you are my destiny.

I wanna cry with you,
but we cant.
Because if we were together,
we wouldn’t be sad.

Thousands of eyes
we’re staring at her.
And she feel for the,
one looking down.

You’re the reason,
why my heart beats.
You’re the reason,
that’s I m complete.

I like when you smile,
But I love it when I am
the reason.

Best love quotes of all time
Best love quotes of all time

The 2 seconds of eye,
contact with her.
Is enough to make me,
smile all day.

I don’t want anyone else,
to keep you heart.
Kiss your lips,
or be in your arms.
Because that’s only mine.

I knew I loved you because,
i just don’t thing about you.
When I am alone.
I miss you all the time.

Best love quotes of all time

I lot of love and,
a bit of jealousy.
A perfect combination,
when you love someone deeply.

You’re a person,
I will never stop looking,
for even in a crowded place.

Love doesn’t come often,
so take it with both hands.
Love isn’t a game so,
don’t take it for granted.

Best love quotes of all time
Best love quotes of all time

I want to be the one who’s always there,
to hold you in the dark.
The one who loved you,
from the very start.

Love is the only thing,
which can make you feel.
Strongest and weakest person ,
It’s just matter of time.

The thought of you,
makes me cry.
That’s how much,
I miss you.

Best love quotes of all time
Best love quotes of all time

I wish i could,
turn back the clock.
I’d find you sooner,
and love you longer.

When I miss you,
I stare at your picture.
And smile.

You’re not the,
love of my life.
You’re the life of,
my love.

Everyday of my life
is perfect.
Because it starts and
ends with you.

You’re my dream,
my love and my life.
You’re the one,
who makes me smile.

Even if I spend the whole,
day with you.
I miss you the second,
you leave.

Best love quotes of all time
Best love quotes of all time

You smile,
when you are happy.
I smile,
when I see you happy.

I may be miles away from you,
but always remember that.
I m forever,
from you side.

You came in my life,
with the fragnance of happiness.
You are as beautiful as rose.

I loved you,
more than myself
No one will love you,
as I did.

Your voice is music,
to my ears.
Your smile is beauty,
to my eyes.

I want to get lost,
in your eyes.
And love you till,
the sun dies.

Missing you is my hobby,
caring for you is my job.
Making you happy is my duty,
and loving you is my life.

Let’s commit the perfect crime,
I’ll steal your heart,
and you I’ll steal mine.

Love just happens,
it just happens.
And ya, you can’t escape
When it happens.

Best love quotes of all time

What is forever?
The love that doesn’t seem,
to end even after a goodbye.

You’re not an option,
you’re my priority.

You’re not my number one,
You’re my only one.

Best love quotes of all time

You give me the,
kind of feeling.
People write,
novels about…

There is a reason,
behind every story.
Mine is simple,
I never want to loose you.

When I to want to smile,
i know exactly what to do.
I just closed my eyes,
and i think of you.

Best love quotes of all time

No one can love,
more than.
The one who cried.
for you.

He and his anger,
she and her sorry.
Are made for each other.

I look at you,
and see the rest of my life.
Infront of my eyes.

Best love quotes of all time

And when this night,
will bring the moon.
I hope it brings you to.

I’m jealous of everyone,
Who is with you.
When I’m not with you.

Your first love in school,
will always have a special,
place in your heart.

Best love quotes of all time
Best love quotes of all time

I hope you realize,
I never look at anyone.
The way I look at you.

There’s a reason,
behind every sorry.
Mine is simple,
I never want to loose you.

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